A truly special piece of handmade jewellery.

Each one is hand stamped into sand, cast and then formed into a very special ring

Completely customisable, choose each and every character on your ring.


All images here show the ABC Ring in Champagne Silver.


Our Champagne Silver is a special custom blend metal alloy. We developed our very own mix of silver and gold to bring you this beautiful warm silver colour. It is made up of roughly 9 parts silver to 1 part gold.


Step 1: Select your ring size. Follow our guide to help find your perfect size.

Step 2: Use our ABC Ring guide to match your ring size to the number of characters you can choose.

Step 3: Fill up your ring. Don't forget to use up all the characters you're allowed for your ring size.

Step 4: Use our Character Table to type out exactly what you want your ring to say.


Disclaimer: No hate speech will be tolerated! A full refund will be issued for any ABC Ring ordered which contains any derogatory/offensive/harmful/nasty messages. Swear words/cussing will be allowed so long as it's in good spirit. Rejecting any ABC Ring messages will be at my (Chelsea Damant's) discretion.


Silver ABC Ring

PriceFrom R4,200.00