A truly special piece of handmade jewellery.
Each one is hand stamped into sand, cast and then formed into a very special ring
Completely customisable, choose each and every character on your ring.
NB: the ABC Rings specifically are very difficult to size exactly, they usually come out half a size bigger than the ring size you choose. Just something to bare in mind, it’s not necessary to size down because of this. 

All images here show the ABC Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold.
Step 1: Select your ring size
. Follow our guide to help find your perfect size.
Step 2: Use our ABC Ring guide
 to match your ring size to the number of characters you can choose.
Step 3: Fill up your ring. Don't forget to use up all the characters you're allowed for your ring size.
Step 4: Use our Character Table
 to type out exactly what you want your ring to say.
Disclaimer: No hate speech will be tolerated! A full refund will be issued for any ABC Ring ordered which contains any derogatory/offensive/harmful/nasty messages. Swear words/cussing will be allowed so long as it's in good spirit. Rejecting any ABC Ring messages will be at my (Chelsea Damant's) discretion.

Gold ABC Ring

PriceFrom R18,000.00