A classic chunky signet ring that you can make your own.

Each one is hand stamped into sand, cast and then you can choose your very own design for the top of this ring.

Pictured above are 2 different examples of designs previously created, almost any simple design can be placed on top.


Step 1: Select your ring size. Follow our guide to help find your perfect size.

Step 2: Type below what design you'd like on your ring, you're welcome to message me an image of the design if you have something specific in mind. Instagram: @chelsea.damant or Email: chelsea@damant.co.za


Disclaimer: No hate speech will be tolerated! A full refund will be issued for any Signet Ring ordered which contains any derogatory/offensive/harmful/nasty messages. Swear words/cussing will be allowed so long as it's in good spirit. Rejecting any Signet Ring messages will be at my (Chelsea Damant's) discretion.


Silver Signature Signet Ring